Krisfuckten (daluvoftheatre) wrote,

Everything is Everything

Timing Is Everything

That is one of my favorite quotes from my favorite movie. Love and sex.

It reminds me of Me and Chris. We are best friends and lovers.

He called me this morning. At 9Am. I was soo happy to talk to him. I started crying when he called. He was so cute. You could tell we missed eachother. I mean 4 days of not being able to talk to another person? that sucks! I miss him.

I told him about all the drama going around. and he said to take everything with a grain of salt, pretty much. I told him that I saw troy and Shrek 2. They are both good movies. I am so happy he is back. I have been soo depressed it's crazy!!! I love that boy. It really sucks not to eb able to talk to him for 4 days! And you know what?.. even though I am not beautiful or perfect, I am going to try my hardest to make him happy. And I WILL make him happy. Dispite everyone else who think I am a Disgrace. I will show you ALL what a real relationship is with REAL LIVE LOVE! And when I am growning old with my HUSBAND, All I will know is that the man beside me has been with me through thick and thin. And THEN I will know what TRUE happiness will be.

Chris, I love you, no matter what!

<3 Kristen Cunnien
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