Krisfuckten (daluvoftheatre) wrote,



last cigarette:last night
last kiss: 85 days
last good cry: ??
last library book checked out: pfft?
last movie seen: umm that thing you do
last book read: the book in english
last cuss word uttered: fuck?
last beverage drank: pepsi
last food consumed: chicken
last phone call: Chris
last tv show watched: Will and Grace
last shoes worn: Um…pink andwhite Etnies
last cd played: jessica Simpson ( as sad as that is)
last item bought: shirt from Hollister
last downloaded: I don’t know.
last annoyance: This morning reading my lj
last disappointment: knowing that Chris is going to be here for only 8 days
last soda drank: pepsi
last thing handwritten: a note to my mom
last word spoken: him
last sleep: last night/ this morning
last im: to travis
last weird encounter: steve
last ice cream eaten: umm at taylor's
last amused: last night watching a movie with my daddy
trippin on drugs? .....
last time wanting to die: 6th grade?
last time in love: now and tomorrow and tomorrow and the next.
last time hugged: my mommy
last time scolded: yesterday my mommy
last chair sat in: This one.
last lipstick used: my nutural clinguey shite
last shirt worn: a tee shirt last night .. my cow shirt..
last time dancing: thursday night
last poster looked at: i dunno?
last show attended: god forever ago
last webpage visited:

1 MINUTE AGO: I was typing.
1 HOUR AGO: I was sleeping
1 DAY AGO: i was at the doctor with my mom
1 WEEK AGO: sleeping
1 YEAR AGO: i broke up with steve

current clothes: my new tilt undies.
current mood: upset
current music: nothing
current taste: EWWW
current hair: wet
current annoyance: my cramps
current smell: None
current thing I should be doing: getting dressed
current desktop picture: the pretty boy from all the mags he was tarzan in the t.v. show they cancled
current refreshment: nada
current worry: Chris and me
1. What do you most like about your body? my eyes
2. And least? My general fattness
3. How many fillings do you have?: 3
4. Do you think you're good looking?: ... I'll have my day
5. Do other people tell you that you're good looking? sometimes, depends on if I am wearing make up or not, and who it is. it is mostly my mom who says anything, no one else cares.
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