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14 October
I am a fat white all-American Female, And I hate you!
2 my peeps: Daners, Chris, McGuiver, Alex, MY MOMMY, and Becky . I love you Chris. Sorry I have no more friends I don't think.. and if I do I am sorry.. I am a horrible friend

I don't want no kiss no hug, I just want bang bang bang!

I love you Dana, you are the best friend a girl could ever have. Thank you for being my friend even though I have always been the fat one. Thanks for talking to me and standing by me. I love you girl and I am gonna miss you so much when I'm gone.

BOYS ARE STUPID!!!!! ... don't drink and drive!

Oscarman : you need to do one thing that makes you happy right now
Oscarman : like masturbate lol

dananad182: peace out "one"
!HOLLER! hahaha...

***** High school is over. And I am gone. This is all bullshit. and all you people who talk shit can eat my ass!*****

I love you Chris with all my heart, I can not wait to see you!!